DoorDash A Few Summers Before Smartphones Commercial – Summer of DashPass

DoorDash A Few Summers Before Smartphones Commercial - Summer of DashPass

Doordash continues its “Summer of DoorPasss” campaign with a new instalment.

The spot, titled “Landline”, is set “a few summers before smartphones” and features a teenage girl having a phone conversation with a friend, to whom she tells that the boy she likes is driving them to the beach in his dad car, which the has a CD player. “The best summer ever!” she exclaims. At this point, a DoorDash representative shows up from the future and informs her that it gets even better in 2023, with the Summer of DashPass. The latter explains that this service comes with sweet deals and zero dollar delivery on your beach day jams, drinks, sunscreen, breath mints.

The girl is curious to know if her curious will have a CD player and the DoorDash spokeswoman says “Something like that” and urges her the enjoy the complete lack of responsibility in the meantime.

Another similar commercial, set in the 1990s, features two lovebirds in a car, on a date night, getting an unexpected visitor from the Summer of DashPass.

This program has also been promoted by American Pie stars Jason Biggs and Seann William Scott, who co-starred in a humorous commercial created by Superette, DoorDash’s in-house creative studio.

DashPass is DoorDash’s membership program that offers $0 delivery fees, reduced service fees and member-only benefits on eligible orders – saving members over $35 a month on average.

Throughout the Summer of DashPass, consumers will also have several chances to win exciting experiences and exclusive items, such as music festival passes, concert tickets, epic sports games, and a limited-edition cooler.

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