Citroën Range 0% APR Mr. Octopus Advert Song

Citroen Mr. Octopus Advert Girl

Citroën UK promotes its latest deal, which gives customers the chance to get 0% APR on selected stock models across the Citroën range, in a new advert.

The spot says that if you’re the type that likes room for everything and everyone, even huge stuffed toys (like Mr. Octopus, a girl’s favorite toy), the type that likes intelligent, flexible design and ingenious technology, no matter the activity or whatever the weather throws at you, the type that loves space, calm and comfort, then the Citroën range is perfect for you, now available with 0% APR.

The soundtrack music is “Gyöngyhajú lány” (“The girl with pearly hair”), a song by Hungarian rock band Omega, released in 1969 on their album “10 000 lépés”.

The advert also informs that a 40% deposit is required with a Personal Contract Purchase. A guarantee may be required, as well. C3 YOU, Electric & Plug-in Hybrid models are excluded.

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