Amica Insurance Empathy Is Our Best Policy You’ve Got the Love Commercial Song

Amica Insurance Empathy Is Our Best Policy Commercial

Amica Insurance highlights that its insurance coverage comes with compassion in its latest commercial.

Titled “Empathy Is Our Best Policy”, the spot depicts various scenarios in which people need their insurance coverage, such as a car accident, a home damage caused by a fallen tree, and the death of someone dear.

Those people are talking on the phone with Amica customer representative, who prove they have empathy and are eager to help them out as much as possible. “Don’t worry, I’m here to help you through this,” one of the employees tells a woman who’s crying on the phone after a car crash.

“At Amica, we provide you with something more that auto, home or life insurance. It’s empathy. Because at Amica, your coverage always comes with compassion,” the voiceover says in the 30-second commercial, which ends with the tagline “Empathy Is Our Best Policy” appearing on the screen.

The soundtrack music is a cover of Florence and the Machine single “You’ve Got the Love”, performed by LA-based Barbadian singer Ayoni. Her version has been recorded specifically for the and is not available for streaming or purchase.

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