WhatsApp Message With Multiple Layers of Protection Commercial Song

WhatsApp Message With Multiple Layers of Protection Commercial Actors

WhatsApp has released a series of new ads to highlight its privacy features, that give you multiple ways to secure your messages, including end-to-end encryption by default, Chat Lock, Hidden Online Presence, Privacy Checkups and more.

The spot features a woman using some of these privacy features on her birthday, when she must deal with some shocking news for her: an unexpected pregnancy. She keeps in touch with her best friend and manages to keept their conversation private thanks to features like end-to-end encryption, Chat Lock, which means her husband, even though her has phone in his hands, cannot see their messages, disappearing messages and more.

“Message privately with multiple layers of protection” an onscreen line reads at the end of the commercial, which is scored by James Vincent McMorrow’s single “Cavalier”.

WhatsApp says that, with end-to-end encryption you can be sure that your personal messages stay between you and who you send them to. Users can also control which messages stick around and for how long, by setting them to disappear after they’ve sent them and customize their privacy settings to choose who can see when they are online and when they last used WhatsApp.

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