Thortful Snowfall on Father’s Day Advert

Thortful Snowfall on Father's Day Advert Actor

A new Thortful ad from agency Fold7 dives into emotions behind greeting cards. This time, the spot is released for Father’s Day and shows a man getting ready to use a hand held blower when he receives a Thortful greeting car. Deeply impressed, he almost bursts into tears and starts rolling on the ground, his card in hands.

“When it comes to sharing the love, don’t leave dad out in the cold,” the voicevoer says in the opening of the 30-second video, which shows the father literally out in the cold, on a snowy day. “We’re talking about that ooey gooey, no holding back, stretch your tear ducts in preparation, usually save it for mum love. Because showing it shouldn’t be rarer than… well… snowfall on Father’s Day,” also say the narrator, adding “with 4000 independent greeting card creators putting more thought into Mother’s Day cards, if you think it and you want Dad to really feel it, Thortful it.”

At the end of the spot, the tagline “If you think it, Thortful it” appears on the screen.

Earlier this year, the online greetings card company, which appointed Fold7 and WTB to lead their creative, marketing, media strategy and buying across all channels, released a Valentine’s Day and a Mother’s Day advertisement that highlighted the range of emotions behind the cards. The two agencies have created Thortles, animated emotions which reflect the range of emotions card-givers’ are able to share due to the huge selection of cards.

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