The National Lottery Pockets Gay Wedding Advert Song – Feat. Love Story Between Two Men

UK’s National Lottery has launched a new TV advert that pulls at the viewers’ heartstrings.

Created by Adam & Eve/DDB, the spot tells the love story between two men throughout several decades. The opening scene is set on November 19, 1994, when the first ever National Lottery Draw took place. The two youngsters met in a bar, where one of them took the opportunity to approach the other, named Eddie, when the latter dropped his lottery ticket. That night, they started a relationship which, it turns out, lasted throughout decades.

Eddie continued to try his luck by constantly playing the lottery and always using the same numbers. His partner, who became his husband when they had the legal possibility to get married, continued to be his hero by always taking good care of the ticket.

As the spot ends, Eddie is shown in his 50s, watching the National Lottery Draw and realizing that he won. He then starts looking for the ticket everywhere, but his search ends with a sad conclusion for him: he lost the winning ticket. Luckily for him, his husband paid great attention, once again, to the special piece of paper, that transformed them into the happy winners.

“It could be you” an onscreen line reads at the end of the advert, which is set to the tune of “Always Together With You” by English rock band Spiritualized, from their ninth studio album, “Everything Was Beautiful”.