Play Their Way Hey Now Advert Song

The “Play Their Way” movement, led by a community of coaches, organizations and people working to champion every child’s voice, choice and journey in sport and physical activity, is promoted in a new advert.

The spot features a diverse cast of children and teenagers doing various sports, such as football, box, swimming, ballet, basketball, and more, and singing an original song, set to the tune of “All Star” by the American rock band Smash Mouth, from their second studio album, “Astro Lounge”.

The lyrics are the following:

“Somebody once told me
sport could really show me
how to be the best me
and make friends.
I was feeling kind of glum,
felt like I did not belong,
when my coach sat down beside me
and they said:
Hey now, you can take charge
Get your game on, your way.”

The 1999 single, included on the “Mystery Men – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack”, is available for purchase on Amazon for $1.29.

According to the organization, just 47% of children who regularly exercise strongly agree that they enjoy taking part in sport and physical activity – a figure that’s still down on pre-pandemic levels of 51% (Sport England Active Lives survey 2021-22). The “Play Their Way” campaign aims to change the game and give children the chance to shape their own sporting experience.