Ulys Commercial Song (Musique de Pub)

Pub Ulys 2023 - La femme dans la publicité Ulys

Ulys, a service that offers individuals and enterprises the e-toll badge and ebenefit thus from reserved toll lanes, pass through at up to 30km/h and avoid queues at the tolls, promotes its services in a new commercial.

The spot features a woman who takes advantage of all these benefits on her way to work: car parks, electric refills, and more. She drives on the reserved toll lanes and avoids queues at the tolls, arriving among the first at the office. She takes a seat at the director’s desk, leading viewers to believe that she is the manager for a moment. However, the real manager soon shows up and she is forced to leave the office. This doesn’t ruin her mood, though. Feeling like a boss, she struts across the office, delighted that she saves time and money on all her journeys.

The soundtrack music is “X Gon’ Give It To Ya” by DMX.

The Ulys offers enable you to use the e-toll badge on all the motorways in France, Spain, Portugal and Italy with ease, with no long-term commitment and no activation fees or security deposit. It also provides users with real-time information on traffic, fuel prices, catering options and electric charging stations on everyone’s routes.

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