Uber One Your Milkshakes Cost Way Less Than Before Commercial – Feat. Puff Diddy & Kelis Filming an Ad

Uber One Your Milkshakes Cost Way Less Than Before Commercial - Feat. Kelis

Earlier this year, Pudd Diddy enlisted Kelis, Montell Williams, Donna Lewis & more to remake their biggest hits in the Uber One Super Bowl commercial. Now, they co-star in a new ad for Uber One membership.

The spot features Kelis filming a commercial for Uber One. Holding a milkshake in her hands, she declares that “your milkshaes cost way less than before” and urges viewers to “join Uber One and save way more”. At this point, Diddy says “Cut” and asks the production team to get to the cereal.

Kelis is handed over a box of crunchy cornflakes and she delivers the same message to the camera. However, she doesn’t get to end the sentence because Diddy says “Cut” again. He suggests they try the wagu, which makes Kelis ask if there’s more. The rapper answers that there’s just a little bit more, but the amount of different products she is supposed to showcase makes Kelis raise her eyebrows. “All of that rhymes with milkshake?” she asks. “I mean more or less,” Diddy replies.

An onscreen line appearing at the end of the ad informs that members save on milkshakes and so much more, while Kelis is heard in voiceover saying “your grilled steaks cost way less than before”.

Uber Eats has also teamed up with several other celebrities to promote its One membership. Among them are Tracy Morgan, Sarah Silverman, Julia Fox, and Zach Cherry.

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