Pets at Home We’re All For Pets Commercial Song

Pets at Home We're All For Pets Commercial Girl - Vets for Pets

Pets at Home, the UK’s favorite specialist pet care retailer with over 430 stores across the UK, promotes its services, from grooming to veterinary service, in a new advert.

The spot, part of a new campaign from The Partnership, titled “We’re all for pets” that celebrates the love we have for our pets, features a diverse cast of pet owners going the extra mile for their furry friends. One of them is shown getting a tattoo of his ferret, another one is shown waiting for his dog to do its business in a storm, another one is shown waiting outside a surgery room for his hamster to be operated, and more.

The advert, set to Meatloaf’s iconic “I Would Do Anything for Love'”, is full of funny moments that every pet owner can relate to, including the moments a dog farts in the living room, while his owners are watching TV on the couch.

“You do anything and everything for your pets. So do we. That’s why more people trust us with their pets than anyone else,” the voiceover says at the end of the 60-second commercial, adding the tagline “We’re all for pets”.

As part of the brand refresh, which implies bringing all of its services under one unified brand identity, Pets, the veterinary business (formerly Vets4Pets) will become Vets for Pets and its grooming service will become Pets Grooming.

The campaign, which aims to position Pets at Home as the pet care provider that makes life better for pets and the people who love them, will run across cinema, TV, Broadcaster Video on Demand (BVOD), press, radio, social, digital and outdoor.

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