McDonald’s UK McNuggetWorthy Advert Song

McDonald's UK McNuggetWorthy Advert Song - Heart Shaped Hands

McDonald’s celebrates 40 years of McNuggets with a new campaign, titled #McNuggetWorthy and aimed at the true McNugget fans, with a focus on Gen Z.

Created by Leo Burnett, the spot is based on the idea that even the best of friends are reluctant to share their McNuggets and opens with a girl enjoying a box of McNuggets in the street before her best friend approaches her. The two girls, who wear matching “BFF” rings, embroil in an epic handshake, which they end with a classic fist bump. The ad shows their one-of-a-kind routine, but when the greeting is over and the friend attempts to grab a McNugget, the girl holding her box of McNuggets instinctively pulls away.

The film ends with the voiceover raising the question “They might be your bestie, but are they #McNuggetWorthy?”

The soundtrack music is “Delicious” by Kinck.

The campaign also includes partnerships with influencers who will be producing exclusive content for social media channels, a 20-second radio spot, print, cinema, and out-of-home media. McDonald’s has also teamed up with LadBible for an initiative called “McNuggetWorthy Scale”. Fans will be invited to decide who is worthy of their McNuggets and share which acts of friendship they deem McNuggetWorthy.

McDonald’s will be introducing four new dipping sauces for a limited time only, with Garlic Mayo & Mega Hot available from 10 May and Chipotle Mayo & Creamy Ranch from 31 May.

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