Lynx Africa Feel Fresh as Fresh with the GOAT Commercial Song

Lynx Africa Goat Commercial

Lynx promotes its Lynx Africa in a new commercial, urging consumers to “Feel Fresh as Fresh with the GOAT”.

The spot features a bare-chested man in his apartment who receives from a goat a Lynx Africa. “Hey, feel fresh as fresh with Lynx Africa!” the animal tells the man, who grabs the body spray, puts it on and starts his day feeling fresh. He remains fresh up until late at night, when he has a date with his girlfriend.

The commercial, set to the rhythms of “Like Sugar” by Chaka Khan, ends with the voiceover saying “Lynx Africa, Feel Fresh as Fresh with the number one fragrance, the GOAT.”

Lynx Africa, featuring the iconic vanilla & geranium scent, has a revolutionary new dual-action technology that fights odor-causing bacteria for 48 hours.

The Lynx Africa range also includes Lynx Africa Spray Antiperspirant, which provides 72-hour sweat protection, and Lynx Gold anti-marks, a roll-on alternative.

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