GEICO Lost Dog Fancy Commercial – Feat. The Gecko & Will Arnett

GEICO Lost Dog Fancy Commercial - Feat. The Gecko & Will Arnett

GEICO has released a series of new ads to highlight its long history in helping people save money.

One of the spots features Will Arnett as the Gecko’s frenemy, saving the day for a couple who lost their dog, named Fancy. The Gecko asks the two life partners not to worry because he’ll find their dog, but Arnett immediately shows up with Fancy in his hands and tells them he can count on them just like people have been relying on GEICO for over 85 years. When the Gecko says Arnett beat him to that, the latter answers “Oh, we know you’re gonna help, too!” and, when Fancy starts barking, he can’t help mentioning that the Gecko is “so sensitive”.

The commercial, which stars Benni Latham as Cindy and Rolando Boyce as Greg, ends with the voiceover (Andrew Anthony) saying the tagline “GEICO – Over 85 years of trusted service”.

Created by The Martin Agency and modified in 2005 to a CGI character, GEICO’s reptilian mascot first appeared in 2000 and became the company’s longest-running mascot, appearing in more than 150 commercials. Over the years, the Gecko has been voiced by multiple actors, including Kelsey Grammer, Dave Kelly, and Jake Wood. In this ad, the Gecko is voiced by Jake Wood.

GEICO is known for promoting its bundling options in numerous ads over the past years. The insurance company advertises its Car Insurance, Boat Insurance, Motorcycle Insurance, and Homeowners Insurance in numerous spots, many starring celebrities.

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