Dunkin’ Iced Sounds Good Commercial Song – Watch Me Do My Shake

Dunkin' Iced Sounds Good Commercial - Watch Me Do My Shake

Dunkin’, an all-day, everyday stop for coffee, breakfast, donuts, and baked goods, promotes its iced coffee in a new commercial.

Titled “Dunkin’ Iced / Sounds Good”, the spot features a diverse cast of individuals making different noises with their Dunkin’ iced coffee, which they shake near a microphone to accurately capture the sounds.

“Watch me do my thing, watch me do my shake, shake,” a woman sings in the background.

Brewed with double the amount of coffee, cooled and then poured over ice, Dunkin’s Iced Coffee gets you energized and ready to go for the rest of your day.

The brand’s iced coffee and milk beverages are also available in bottles. Flavors include Mocha, French Vanilla, Espresso, and Original.

Earlier this year, in March, Dunkin released 11-ounce canned ice coffee, which is now available in grocery stores and retailers like Dollar General, Meijer, and Walmart for $2.99. The chain collaborated with the Coca-Cola Company to launch the new, ready-to-drink canned iced coffee in three flavors – Brownie Batter Donut, Cake Batter Donut, and Coffee Cake Muffin.

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