Amazon Gourmet Guard Commercial Song – Museum Night Guard Preparing Dishes

Amazon Gourmet Guard Commercial - Museum Night Guard Preparing Dishes

Amazon has released a new commercial, which aims to show how its platform helps shoppers discover new passions and gives them access to the tools needed to pursue them.

Titled “Gourmet Guard”, the spot features a guard working night shifts at a museum, who becomes passionate about cooking after watching cooking shows on Amazon Prime during his breaks. One night, tired of eating the same sloppy sandwich and inspired by those shows, decides to buy a grill from Amazon and make a proper sandwich. He then begins to purchase several other items that he needs in the kitchen for his newfound passion.

The spot also includes scenes of the man using cookware and kitchen gadgets from Amazon to prepare more and more sophisticated dishes, which impress his colleague.

As the commercial ends, the security guard is shown standing in front of a restaurant named “Fuego”, where a “Chef wanted” sign got his attention.

Confident in his culinary skills, the man is obviously eager to make a career change and pursue his newfound passion for cooking.

Serving as soundtrack is the 1967 song “Memphis Soul Stew” by American saxophonist and bandleader King Curtis, included on his album “King Size Soul”.

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