Amazon Every Day Better Precious Cargo Commercial Song – Feat. Cat in Bike Basket

Amazon has released a new installment in its “every day better” campaign.

Titled “Precious cargo”, the spot features a man putting on a helmet, taking a bike basket out of an Amazon Prime-labeled box, and then getting out of his garage, ready to hit the road.

As the commercial ends, the man’s 4-star review left on Amazon for the basket is shown on the screen: “This basket holds a lot of precious cargo” and the precious cargo is also shown. It turns out it’s a Persian cat that sits in the basket as if it were sitting on a throne.

The video, set to the rhythms of “Bunny Is A Rider” by Caroline Polachek, ends with the tagline “every day better” appearing on the screen.

Amazon’s “every day better” campaign also includes an ad featuring a mother who buys bed tents for her two sons and realizes she gave them a new world and another ad featuring a man who wears a horse head mask while walking down the street.