Walmart+ Creating a Future Paleontologist Commercial Song – Feat. Girl Obsessed with Dinosaurs

Walmart+ Creating a Future Paleontologist Commercial - Feat. Girl & Dinosaurs

Walmart continues to promote its Walmart+ service in a new commercial, highlighting that Walmart+ members save on everything to support their kid’s passions.

The 30-second spot features a mother whose house is filled with dinosaur figurines because her daughter is obsessed with them. The girl loves playing with these toys, wearing dino costumes and pretending to be a dinosaur, eating dinosaur-shaped foods (which her mom orders from Walmart using the app), watching dinosaur movies, and taking her stuffed dino toy everywhere she goes. So, when her mother prepares a dinosaur-related surprise, one day, she is more than happy.

Throughout the commercial, onscreen lines inform that Walmart+ members save on free delivery, Paramount+ subscription, gas savings, and free shipping with no minimum order, and on creating a future paleontologist.

“Members save on this + so much more” onscreen lines read at the end of the ad, which is scored by Langhorne Slim’s song “House of My Soul (You Light the Rooms)”.

Walmart offers a 30-day free trial of this new service, which also picks up returns. Groceries can be placed at your door, brought into your garage, or put away neatly in your kitchen. With your membership, you will always get free same-day delivery on groceries and more, all at the same low prices as in-store.

Walmart has also been promoting its Walmart+ InHome, an In-Home Grocery Delivery service, which brings customers a wide selection of fresh groceries straight to their fridge even when they are not home.

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