Velveeta Woman in Crowd Commercial Song

Velveeta Woman in Crowd Commercial Actress

Velveeta continues its “That’s La Dolce Velveeta” campaign with three new ads.

One of them features a young woman standing in the middle of a crowded street market holding a spoon in her hand, which it later turns out she uses to eat Velveeta cheese from her money belt. While some of the passersby walk by without looking at her, others can’t help staring at her, given the unlikely appearance. However, one thing is sure: she doesn’t care too much about what others think of her, the important thing for her is to feel good and enjoy at the full the unique taste of Velveeta.

Serving as soundtrack is the 2016 song “Conquistadora” by Chantal Claret, from her album of the same name. The track is available for purchase on Amazon for $0.99 and the album, consisting of six tracks, is for $5.94.

Other two spots, directed by Andreas Nilsson, feature a man in his convertible, enjoying the breeze and some tostitos with Velveeta, and a man taking spoonfuls of Velveeta while riding a bull in a rodeo bar.

“That’s La Dolce Velveeta”, created by agency Johannes Leonardo and launched in 2022, “celebrates those who enjoy themselves exactly how they want to,” according to the ad agency.

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