Sheba Love Is Tender, Love Is Cruel Commercial Song – Feat. Man in Tears Holding Cute Kitten

Sheba Crying Man Allergic To Cats Commercial / Advert Actor

Sheba celebrates, in its latest campaign, developed in partnership with agency AMV BBDO, cat owners who are allergic to cats.

One of the 15-second spots features Devonte, a man who cuddles a cute white kitten. He’s apparently impressed to tears by the adorable pet, but it soon turns out he is one of the cat owners who are allergic to cats but love their pets so much they’d never dream of giving them up. An onscreen line informs that “1 in 4 cat owners are allergic to cats but still can’t resist”.

At the end of the commercial, the kitten is shown being fed with Sheba Perfect Portions Wet Kitten Food.

The song playing in the background is an original from Finger Music, whose lyrics are the following: “Love is tender, love is cruel. You’re under my skin, baby, all I can think of is you. They call it ‘love'”.

Another spot in the campaign features Eleanor, another cat owner who is also allergic to cats but will do anything for her beloved pet.

“We know the power that cats hold over their people. With the expansion into this new kitten product line, we’re continuing to create premium offerings to build a lifelong bond between cats and their owners from the start,” Jean-Paul Jansen, brand VP marketing, said in a press statement.

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