National Rail Nothing Beats Advert Song

National Rail Nothing Beats Advert

National Rail has launched a new ad campaign, which follows the “Let’s Get Back On Track” campaign from 2021, to encourage people to get back on board.

The spot, which aims to inspire viewers to take the train to experience something in person, includes social media footage and filmed footage of people traveling by train for different purposes, which range from trips to visit people and places to business trips.

The song playing in the National Rail advert is Xanadu by Ummet Ozcan.

“Nothing beats exploring. Nothing beats getting lost. Nothing beats seeing it live. Nothing beats surprises. Nothing beats being there,” onscreen lines read throughout the 30-second advertisement, which was shot by the award-winning photographer Sophie Ebrard after spending over five days travelling by train.

“Rail is fundamental to helping connect passengers to the people, places and things they love, supporting local communities, boosting economic activity and driving a green recovery. Nothing Beats Being There is a rallying call to customers to experience the power and joy of being there in person in a world where our lives have become more and more digital and screen-based,” Jacqueline Starr, chief executive of the Rail Delivery Group, said in a press release.

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