IKEA Show Off Your Savvy Advert Song

IKEA Show Off Your Savvy Advert Actor

IKEA UK urges you to “Show off your savvy” in its latest advert, based on the idea that, these days, it’s not all about who has the biggest house with the most expensive furniture, but about the clever, cost effective and brilliant ways you’ve made your house a home.

The spot, created by London agency Mother and directed by Sanjay De Silva, features Joseph, a man opening his front door as in “House Tour” video and welcoming viewers in his crib. He then shows how he transformed the place with practical Ikea products, such as washable sofa cover, food containers for oven-ready leftovers, which his fridge is full of, a bed that grows with the child, a diverse range of shopping bags, and more.

Scored by a catchy, rap track from The Hogan music company, the advert ends with a scene revealing that Joseph was showing off his savvy to his parents, who came by to see him.

The Swedish retailer gives, on its website, tips and ideas on saving energy and money, on how to reduce food waste and save money in the kitchen, presents its range of products designed to help you save water, and a list of savvy solutions that help you get the most out of your space.

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