Giffgaff Ode to Bad We’re Up to Good Advert

Giffgaff We're Up to Good Advert Actor

British mobile network Giffgaff has launched a new ad campaign in partnership with Neverland, that includes a new brand positioning and a new tagline, “We’re Up to Good”.

Titled “Ode to Bad” and directed by Nick Bell, the spot pays homage to the appalling, the dire in downright glory, to the perfect angel falling, stained glass broken, the horror calling at your doorstep, the dark that shifts down into the mouth of hell that’s yawning, and to the bad in all its glory.

The advert concludes with a man walking through a tunnel, who’s afraid he might be stalked by a potential criminal. However, when that weird-looking guy reaches him, it turns out he was only trying to give the man back the phone he had dropped.

“Thanks, bad. But we’ll take it from here,” the voiceover adds at the end of the video, which also features the tagline “we’re up to good” appearing on the screen.

“Giffgaff’s new brand positioning comes at a key time for consumers, when pricing is no longer the only driving factor when looking for a new product. They’re looking for value and values from the businesses they put their trust in,” Alexa Ponking, the telecom’s joint head of brand and advertising, said in a press release. She also declared that the new brand positioning “also represents an evolution of Giffgaff’s core beliefs while continuing to put our members at the heart of everything we do by connecting to our key values.”

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