Credit Karma Cassie Commercial

Credit Karma Cassie Commercial Girl

The spot features Cassie, a young woman who never really paid attention to her credit score until she got Credit Karma and used their scores to score more, like her first ride. When it was time to upgrade, she shopped around for a lower auto insurance rate to go with it. Later on, when she decided to blaze a new trail, Credit Karma helped her with an auto loan to get her where she was going.

At the end of the commercial, an onscreen line informs that Credit Karma is a proud partner of the Houston Rockets and viewers are encouraged to download the app.

In an older commercial, Credit Karma highlighted that, with the company’s technology, you can be more confident in your chance of approval for a great credit card before you even apply. For one of its campaigns, the company enlisted actor Benjamin Abiola playing a guy named Kenny Knows, who gives audiences all kinds of hacks, such as Free Gas hack, Free Razor Blade hack, Free Guac Hack, Free Mani/Pedi Hack, and Free Plane Tix Hack.

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