Country Crock Plant-Based Butter Kris Jenner & Khloé Kardashian Commercial

Country Crock Plant-Based Butter Kris Jenner & Khloé Kardashian Commercial

Kris Jenner and Khloé Kardashian co-star in a new commercial from Country Crock, promoting the brand’s plant-based butter.

The spot features the mother and daughter, joined by Chloe’s daughter True Thompson, in a kitchen, raving about Country Crock’s dairy-free Plant Butter, which they say tastes just traditional butter and works great in recipes. “What I love about Country Crock, it’s the one thing I have in my refrigerator that’s older than I am. I have had this around since the dawn of time,” Kris Jenner says in the 60-second ad. “The fact that they have the Plant Butter, makes me really happy because you guys (her daughters) are trying to get me to eat the same way you eat, and I don’t want to taste a difference,” she also says.

Jenner then tastes the Plant Butter on its own and declares that it is “so creamy and yummy” and then tastes the dairy butter to compare the two. She concludes that “They’re exactly the same”. “Who knew that we could just eat butter all day?” she jokes.

When it was time to taste the Crispy Rice Treats they made with traditional animal-derived butter on one side and Country Crock’s Plant Butter on the other side, the two ladies could not tell the difference between the treats made with the vegan butter when compared to the traditional recipe. Five-year-old Thompson says “I love it!” when tasting the rice treats.

The Upfield-owned brand offers its plant-based butter in several varieties, including Olive Oil, Almond Oil, and Avocado Oil.

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