Cottonele Toilet Paper Commercial – Down there with Cottonelle

Cottonele Toilet Paper Down There Care Commercial

Cottonelle has released a new commercial to promote its toilet paper with Strong CleanRipples.

The 15-second spot features a young couple on a sofa on a date night. The voiceover points out that down there care with Cottonelle is needed because the candles are lit and the playlist is fire, and urges partners to clean themselves up with the Strong CleanRipples of Cottonelle Toilet Paper that remove more at once and rolls that last 4 times longer to leave you feeling “ahhhmazing”.

The commercial ends with the voiceover saying the tagline “Down there with Cottonelle”.

The Cottonelle Toilet Paper is available in several varieties, including Ultra Clean, which is designed to remove residue for a confident clean, and Ultra Comfort, which is designed to absorb moisture for a comfortable clean.

Cottonelle’s range of products also includes flushable wipes, which break down like toilet paper. There are available for purchase in three options – FreshCare, GentlePlus, which are enriched with Aloe and Vitamin E, and Extra Large.

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