You Hurt My Feelings (2023 Movie) Trailer Song

You Hurt My Feelings (2023 Movie) Trailer Actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus

A24 has released the trailer for the upcoming dramedy “You Hurt My Feelings”, from writer/director Nicole Holofcener and starring Julia Louis-Dreyfus.

The movie stars Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Tobias Menzies as Beth and Don, a married couple who have reached romantic and professional crossroads. According to the official synopsis, Beth is a successful author of an intimate memoir and works on her first novel with a seemingly loving circle of support – that is until she hears what her husband Don really thinks of her work. After years of support and encouragement, Beth has to grapple with this newfound betrayal. As the couple attempts to remedy the situation and get their marriage back on track, the two also separately wrestle with navigating new stages of their careers.

The cast also includes David Cross, Jeannie Berlin, Arian Moayed, Michaela Watkins, Amber Tamblyn, Owen Teague and Zach Cherry.

The trailer gives viewers a glimpse into Beth’s life before hearing Don talking to someone and saying his true opinion about her book and after hearing it.

The music playing in the background is the 2007 song “Silver Lining” by American alternative rock band Rilo Kiley, from their fourth and final full-length studio album, “Under the Blacklight”.

The film made its premiere at the recent Sundance film festival and will be released in theaters on May 26.

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