Tangerine People Jumping Through Hoops Commercial Song

Tangerine People Jumping Through Hoops Commercial

Tangerine has launched a new ad campaign, titled “Hoops”, to promote itself as refreshingly uncomplicated.

Created by Rething and directed by Nick Ball (whose portfolio also includes IKEA’s “The Troll” commercial), the spot depicts a grey world full of hoops that people must jump through in order to achieve everyday tasks. However, one day, things change for the main character, though, when he discovers Tangerine, which offers no monthly fee Chequing Accounts, a streamlined Client experience and online sign-up that’s as simple as taking a selfie. Whilst everyone else keeps jumping through hoops, he no longer does that thanks to Tangerine.

“Tired of jumping through hoops? Uncomplicate your banking with Tangerine” onscreen lines read at the end of the 30-second ad, which is scored by “Love You” by The Free Design.

“Life’s complicated enough. Your banking shouldn’t be,” said Nicole German, CMO, Tangerine. “We wanted to get that point across in a simple way, and as we explored hoops, and what they represent, the campaign came to life. Our goal with ‘Hoops’ is to reignite Tangerine as the no-nonsense choice for customers,” she added.

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