Progressive Snapshot Bowling Trophy for Safe Driver Commercial

Progressive Snapshot Bowling Trophy for Safe Driver Commercial Actors

Progressive dropped a new ad to promote its Snapshot app, which gives safe drivers a personalized discount based on their safe driving habits.

Titled “Sting Operation”, the spot opens with a woman behind the wheel, patiently waiting for an old lady to cross the street. Suddenly, though, it turns out the old lady was actually Jamie from Progressive. “Ha-ha, it was me the whole time,” he shouts excitedly whilst throwing away the clothes he was wearing over his white uniform. At this point, his colleagues – who have been hiding in the area – show up applauding her. Mara gets her head out of a trash can, Alan and another fellow come out of some bushes, and Flo, disguised as a sanity worker, removes her fake mustache and praises the driver. “Well done, ma’am,” she tells the woman at the wheel, who doesn’t understand what Flo is talking about. “What did I do exactly?” she asks and Flo answers “With Snapshot from Progressive you get a personalized discount for doing exactly what you’re already doing – being a safe driver.”

Jamie goes to her and gives her a trophy, congratulating her for her “achievement”. When the driver points out that it’s a bowling trophy, Jamie explains that it’s the biggest one they had. “Ok, thanks,” the safe driver says while trying to drive away.

The Snapshot app, available to Progressive customers in select states, allows customers to use their smartphone to collect driving-related data, such as vehicle speed and time information, hard braking and mileage, and receive personalized tips on how to improve. Progressive uses the collected driving data to calculate a driver score based on which drivers can save money.

In states where Snapshot mobile is offered, new Progressive customers are eligible for a first-term participation discount, after which they will receive a personalized rate, meaning a discount or surcharge applied to their insurance premium based on their driving habits, at the next renewal of their policy. “For eligible customers who enroll, most will save money at renewal based on their good driving,” the company states, informing that, in some states, aggressive driving will generate a surcharge at renewal.

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