Macy’s Main Character Moment Spring Commercial

Macy's Main Character Moment Spring Commercial Girl / Actress

“Macy’s has the brands, value, and inspiration you need to own your style” – this is the idea behind the latest commercial released by Macy’s, which showcases some of the pieces included in the 2023 Spring collection.

Titled “Life as the Main Character”, the spot shows several women having a “main character moment” and romanticizing the everyday situations they are in, such as buying a slice of pizza, a bunch of flowers from a flower shop, or when taking photos for the ID card, they are sporting their garments, with pride and confidence, as if they were the protagonists of a movie. Two friends feeling flawless stop by a pizza place to buy a slice of pizza clad in elegant white dresses, as if they were stepping on the red carpet and paparazzi were all around, taking photos, a lady is serving drama while taking photos for her ID card and a young woman stops to smell a bunch of roses as if she was doing a commercial while being in a flower shop.

“Macy’s has the brands, value, and inspiration you need to own your style,” the voiceover says at the end of the commercial.

Macy’s embraces thus TikTok’s “main character energy” (a concept that has become a mainstay of internet slang) and follows the social network trend that has users romanticizing their day-to-day lives in an attempt to reach a young audience. The fashion retailer aims to encourage Millenials and Gen Z shoppers to find outfits that make them feel like the main character and appreciate life’s simple pleasures.

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