Jersey Mike’s Arm of the Slicer Danny DeVito Commercial Song

Jersey Mike's Arm of the Slicer Danny DeVito Trainer Commercial - Eye of the Tiger

Danny DeVito stars in a new commercial for Jersey Mike’s, serving, this time, as a trainer for the chain’s employees.

The spot opens with the actor declaring that Jersey Mike’s employees slice your sandwich meat right in front of you and that using the slicer properly requires training. The video then shows several employees undertaking a special training, under DeVito’s supervision, which includes doing one-armed pull-ups and slicing logs together, to have their arms strong enough to slice a significant quantity of meat in front of the customers’ eyes.

The soundtrack music is a cover of Survivor’s iconic “Eye of the Tiger”.

In another commercial, DeVito tells viewers they have to see their sub freshly sliced, while watching a Mike Jersey’s employee slicing fresh turkey ham and provolone for sandwiches. “Yep, there’s some things you just gotta see,” he declares, revealing then his intention of stealing half of another customer’s sub.

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