Hyundai Kona Move With The Vibe Commercial Song – Feat. Chef Climbing Wall

Hyundai Kona Commercial / TV Advert

Hyundai showcases its all-new Kona and some of its most important features in a commercial that carries the tagline “Move with the vibe”.

The spot follows a man working as a chef in a restaurant who gets help from his Kona with lots of things – from updates to navigation and even parking.

The Kona owner leaving the restaurant at the wheel of his car and in a parking lot, watching it as it parks itself. As the spot ends, it turns out he went to a place where he can climb a wall. “Move with the vibe” an onscreen line reads at the end of the commercial.

Throughout the video, which is scored by an upbeat, feeling-good song, whose lyrics include “It’s great for me”, various features are shown, such as Over-the-Air (OTA) Software Updates, Column-Type Shift by Wire, Head-Up Display, and Remote Smart Parking Assist.

The automaker presented the all-new Kona as the Upscaled Multiplayer at the Digital World Premiere, which took place on March 7.

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