Arla Cravendale Farmers Singing Everybody’s Free Advert Song

Arla Cravendale Advert Cows

Arla Cravendale celebrates its herd’s access to pasture and new higher welfare standards in a campaign called “Everybody’s Free A-Cowppella style”.

The spot, directed by Sam Hibbard, features Arla C.A.R.E farmers singing the classic 1991 song “Everybody’s Free (To Feel Good)”, originally performed by Zimbabwean singer Rozalla.

The C.A.R.E. Programme represents a new set of animal welfare and sustainability standards for milk production which includes “Free to Graze”, ensuring all cows that produce milk for Arla Cravendale have access to pasture.

The campaign also includes OOH and DOOH work featured across iconic sites around the country including Waterloo station, social and online activity.

For its “Everybody’s Free A-Cowppella style”, Arla Cravendale has teamed up with JLS star and farmer, JB Gill, who’s known for playing music to his own herd. JB Gill says: “As a farmer, I’m always interested in what can be done to further benefit animal welfare on farm, so I was excited to join Arla Cravendale and learn more about the C.A.R.E program that they have put in place. Alongside playing music, like ‘Everybody’s Free A-Cowppella style’ on my farm, I also make sure that my animals have access to the land, like Arla Cravendale cows do with the new Free to Graze standard”.

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