Volvo For Life Safety Innovations Commercial / Advert Song

Volvo For Life Safety Innovations Commercial

Volvo has released a new commercial, highlighting that, when you feel safe, you can truly be free.

The spot features blind medal-winning Paralympian Liu Cuiqing racing with her guide runner Xu Donglin, British-Japanese skater Sky Brown (who stepped onto the Olympic podium at 13 years old, becoming the first female to land a frontside 540 at the X Games) being assured by her brother, and musician Seinabo Sey hugging her sister.

Serving as soundtrack is a cover of Queen’s iconic “Don’t Stop Me Now”, included on the rock band’s 1978 album “Jazz”.

Some of the safety innovations “for a new era” that will be available in the new fully-electric Volvo EX90 SUV include lidar and exterior sensing, which – coupled with radars, cameras and ultrasonic sensors – gives you a 360° understanding of the road around you, the new occupant sensing system, which is designed to help prevent anyone from being inadvertently left behind in a potentially dangerous situation, two-camera driver understanding system can understand if you’re drowsy or distracted and when the car might need to step in and help.

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