Uber One Diddy Don’t Do Jingles Super Bowl Commercial

Uber One Diddy Don't Do Jingles Super Bowl Commercial

Uber Eats has released a teaser for its Super Bowl commercial, letting audiences know that Puff Diddy will be making a song for Uber One, the membership that offers upgrades such as top-rated drivers on rides, premium support, $0 Delivery Fees on eligible orders, and member-only offers, promotions and perks.

The humorous video features three Uber Eats representatives during a meeting with Diddy at the headquarters of Combs Global. “So, we’re thinking a song could really put Uber One on the map,” says one executive.

After a moment of silence, Combs’ right-hand man, who’s actually standing on his left, speaks on his behalf and declares “Diddy don’t do jingles.”

The executives try to convince the rapper by saying that it’s not a jingle what they are looking for, but “one song for Uber One,” a song Combs will be paid for. When his assistant repeats that “Diddy don’t do jingles,” the Uber Eats representatives realize they have one last attempt to get Diddy’s attention, so they point out they’re looking for “a hit” to spread the word about the membership. This proves to be the winning card as the next statement from the artist’s spokesman is that “Diddy does do hits.” Keeping the same stone look on his face, the man adds “Diddy is excited”. The latter, who is already on the phone, says “Meet me at the studio”.

The spot ends with the onscreen line “Watch Diddy NOT do a jingle” alongside the Super Bowl date, 2.12.23 and the Uber One logo.

This year, there are numerous celebrities who are going to be seen in the ad breaks of the Big Game. Serena Williams, Maya Rudolph, Anna Faris, who will play Eve in Avocados From Mexico’s commercial, Alicia Silverstone, Aaron Paul and his fellow “The Breaking Bad” actor Brian Cranston, Meghan Trainor – just to name a few – are among them.

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