Tesco Woman Preparing Mushroom Stew for New Mother Advert Song

Tesco TV Advert - Mushroom Stew

Tesco has released a new installment in its “Food Love Stories” campaign, introducing viewers to Cathy’s ‘It Get’s Easier’ Mushroom Stew.

Cathy is a middle-aged woman whose neighbors become parents for the first time and must deal with their baby’s crying quite often. Obviously annoyed by the noise, which can be heard very qell from her own home, Cathy begins to cook a mushroom stew, which she then offers to her neighbor. The new mom, who believes, at first, that Cathy was going to complain about the crying, is deeply impressed by her kind gesture.

The song playing in the background is the 1971 single “Thin Line Between Love and Hate” by New York City-based R&B group The Persuaders.

Cathy’s “It Get’s Easier” Mushroom Stew includes Tesco Shiitake Mushroom, which can be purchased online and in stores. Consumers can find her recipe, as well as many other recipes, inspired by other food love stories, such as Sue’s “dive in” crispy pork noodles, Tesco finest dinner for two, and more, on the supermarket chain’s website.

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