Hyundai Mobility Solutions Commercial – Feat. Mobile Eccentric Droid, Spot & Mobility of Things

Hyundai Mobility Solutions Commercial - Feat. MobED Mobile Eccentric Droid

Hyundai has released a new commercial to promote some of its mobility solutions, that will improve our lives at work, healthcare facilities, assist those with disabilities and help us all with everyday tasks like carrying groceries and caring for our children.

The spot depicts a variety of scenarios in which the brand’s new solutions are used for their purposes. Viewers get to see thus, first, the MobED (Mobile Eccentric Droid), a multifunctional robotic platform with four uniquely positioned wheels that can move independently of each other, used for carrying groceries by a pregnant woman. The song playing in the background is a feelgood track whose lyrics include “Life’s a breeze, birds in the trees, nothing but sunshine smiling at me”.

The second solution is PnD (Plug&Drive), a module that can make traditionally inanimate things move and create a MoT (Mobility of Things) eco-system. A crying baby in his crib arrives – thanks to this PnD solution – to this dad, who’s listening to music in his headphones, without the need for the latter to stand up and walk.

Spot, a robot that can be used to find our lost pets, help with search and rescue operations, is also featured in the 60-second ad, which ends with Mobility of Things, which is all about making inanimate objects move, even a whole restaurant. An old man and his wife, who is in a wheelchair, are shown getting back inside their home after having enjoyed a fancy restaurant meal in front of their house, thanks to a restaurant on wheels.

People can find out more about mobility solutions and the way they whill change how we move in the future on the brand’s website.

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