Super Bowl Melissa McCarthy Commercial Super Bowl Melissa McCarthy Commercial has announced that “Something big is coming on 02.12.2023,” the date when the Super Bowl will be taking place, in a 15-second teaser for its Big Game ad. The online travel agent also says that it’s even bigger than room service ham.

The video, titled “Melissa McCarthy gets ready for the Big Game”, features the actress in a hotel room, wearing a white bathrobe and a cleaning bright green mask on her face, getting a foot massage. Holding a huge leg of ham, which she sniffs, she says she’s “gonna mess this bad boy up”. She then greets the piece of meat by saying “Hello, handsome” and then relaxes on her back, happy that the masseuse knows exactly what he’s doing and he managed to find that spot.

McCarthy isn’t the only celebrity that has partnered with Last year, the Amsterdam-based company introduced the actor Idris Elba as its “concierge in chief”.

Super Bowl LVII will be taking place on February 12 at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona, and will be broadcast on Fox.

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