webuyanycar Mother and Twin Daughters Dancing Advert Song – Feat. Mufasa

webuyanycar Mother and Twin Girls Dancing TV Advert

webuyanycar continues its “Just Sold My Car” ad campaign with a new installment. This time, the spot features a mother named Naomy and her twin daughters celebrating the sale of their old car.

The advert shows the woman in the car announcing her family, husband (Chris) and daughters Ambel and Lisa, that it only took 30 seconds to get a quote. When Ambers asks what this means, the father says they are getting a bigger car. The whole family, including the dog, can’t resist celebrating. Naomy and her daughters get out of the car and start dacing to the rhythms of a catchy reimagining of “Friday” by Riton and Nightcrawlers.

The company, whose tagline is “Selling Made Simple”, aims to spread the word, through its latest marketing stunt, about just how simple it is to sell your car with webuyanycar and capture the feelgood vibes experienced by thousands of customers across the UK the moment they learn that they have sold their car.

The campaign also features Mufasa (a character created and portrayed by Jeff Obeng, who has appeared in many popular TikTok and Instagram videos, also known as the man behind the “Friday dance”) Pete and Jane – a quirky couple with “moves like Jagger”, Mark, a luxury car owner and his friend Dave, Ava, a city professional who sells her car with outstanding finance to trade up to her dream soft-top, and Rebecca, a high-flyer who secures the best price for her car with our buyers.

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