Twinings A Moment of Calm Advert Song – Girl Laying On Car Hood

Twinings A Moment of Calm TV Advert - Girl Laying On Car Hood

Tea brand Twinings promotes its Superblends Moment of Calm in a new TV advert, titled “Alive in Every Drop”.

The spot features a woman lounging on the car hood and admiring the amazing view – the ocean – while enjoying a cup of Twinings Moment of Calm.

“A Moment of Calm, brought to you by Twinings. Alive in every drop,” the voiceover says at the end of the advert, which is set to the tune of “Playground Love” by musical duo AIR featuring Thomas Mars, from the duo’s 2000 album “The Virgin Suicides”.

Twinings Moment of Calm, part of the brand’s Superblends range, is a Spice and Vanilla Flavoured Herbal Infusion with Camomile, Roasted Chicory Root and added Niacin. Niacin (Vitamin B3) contributes to normal psychological function.

Described as “a smooth, delicate, lightly spiced blend with a lovely hint of sweetness” this tea also features a a gorgeous roasted flavour and a touch of indulgence thanks to the chicory root.

A pack of 20 envelopes of Superblends Moments of Calm is now priced at £2.30. The brand offers free standard delivery on UK orders over £35.

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