Progressive Dr. Rick & Man Cleaning His Trash Cans Commercial

Progressive has released a new ad featuring Dr. Rick. This time, he makes a house call to help a new homeowner throw away some parental behaviors.

The spot features the Parenta-life Coach making a first contact with a man who’s cleaning his trash cans. His wife called Dr. Rick to come over and help him and he says he can try. The coach admits that meeting a new young homeowner for the first time is a unique challenge and states that it’s important to build trust.

The ad shows Dr. Rick approaching the man, who put even his name and address on the trash cans. As they leave the backyard, Dr. Rick points out that no one’s getting into his trash cans when the man wants to return to make sure he locked them.

The commercial ends, like many others, with the tagline “Progressive can’t help you from becoming your parents, but we can save you money when you bundle home, auto and more with us.”

In previous commercials, Dr. Rick, who even has a book, titled “Dr. Rick Will See You Now”, which is described as the ultimate guide to help sufferers everywhere unbecome their parents,” helped numerous young homeowners, using various other methods. An elevator ride, meant to show that this is not the best occasion to socialize, a group outing at a store, a grocery store visit for gameday shopping, the 10-foot rule when having a plumber at home to fix a problem are only some of the methods Dr. Rick used to help homeowners not turn into their parents.