McDonald’s Raise Your Arches Advert Song – Fancy a McDonald’s?

McDonald's Raise Your Arches Advert Actors - Fancy a McDonald's?

McDonald’s UK has launched a new advert in partnership with agency Leo Burnett, which encourages consumers to raise their “arches” when inviting friends and co-workers to join them to McDonald’s.

The spot, titled “Raise Your Arches” and directed by Edgar Wright, whose portfolio includes movies like Baby Driver, Shaun of the Dead and Last Night in Soho, opens with a young woman who asks her co-worker to go with her to McDonald’s for lunch by writing an “M” on a post-it and raising her eyebrows to her. The other woman also raises her eyebrows in response and then they begin strutting through the office, inviting other colleagues to come along.

The song used in the advert is Yello’s 1985 club thumper “Oh Yeah.” The single, a popular staple in pop culture, is included on the band’s album “Stella” and was also featured in the films “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” and “The Secret of My Success”. It is available for streaming and purchase on Amazon for $1.29.

The spot, part of the fast-food chain’s “Fancy a McDonald’s?” campaign, runs across TV and social media.

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