Ford Ranger Pickup Truck Commercial / Advert Song – Love Is Strange

Ford Ranger Pickup Truck Commercial / TV Advert

Ford has launched a new ad campaign, titled “GO Break It In,” for its all-new 2023 Ranger pickup truck.

The campaign film, created by AMV BBDO, features a man, most probably a construction worker, driving his all-new Ranger across all types of terrain to put it to the test. He deliberately dirties it, drives through puddles, and uses it for all kinds of activities, showcasing thus that the vehicle is tough and hard-wearing.

Filmed by director Marcus Söderlund in Slovenia, the ad ends with the driver letting his Ranger on a site where dynamite is used. Without worrying that his car might get damaged, he leaves and an explosion takes place nearby. A cloud of dust covers the Ranger, making viewers believe for a second that it has been damaged, but it turns out that it hasn’t.

“All New Ranger. The pickup,” an onscreen line reads at the end of the commercial.

The soundtrack music is the 1956 crossover hit “Love Is Strange” by American rhythm and blues duet Mickey & Sylvia.

The campaign, set to run in over 20 markets over the next 12 months, includes TV, VOD, YouTube and social media, as well as a suite of bespoke digital and social ads, digital OOH, and print.

“Ranger is an iconic vehicle within the European pickup landscape, with a loyal customer base who value what the product brings to both their work and personal lives. This campaign shows a brief glimpse of just some of the arduous tasks that owners might subject their Rangers to and the inevitable bond that builds between the customer and their vehicle,” Richard Beard, Marketing and Communications Manager at Ford Pro.

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