Experian Rent Can Raise Your FICO Score Musical Commercial

John Cena and his purple cow are back on screens in a new Experian commercial, highlighting that, now, for the first time ever, paying rent could raise your FICO Score instantly, free, with Experian Boost.

Titled “Happy Guy,” the 30-second ad opens with Cena waking up one morning and, realizing that it’s the first of the month, rushes to pay rent. Out in the neighborhood, the ad turns into a sort of musical, with the actor singing a song whose lyrics are the following: “What a perfect day to boost your FICO score with your rent”.

One of the people dancing around Cena, a woman dressed in a yellow knit blouse, says she’s happy to say her FICO score went up. He highlights that it’s thanks to Experian boost.

When a little red-haired girl interrupts their performance to ask Cena why he is so happy about rent. He proceeds to explain that, now, for the first time ever, paying rent can raise your FICO score, instantly, free, with Experian. His purple cow confirms with a moo and the commercial ends with the voiceover declaring that now rent can boost your FICO score and urging viewers to go to experian.com or get the app.