Downy Unstopables Commercial – Is That You Biscuits?

Downy Unstopables Biscuits Commercial

Downy continues its series of ads featuring its mystery Super Bowl celebrity with a new installment.

This time, he is visited by a thief who, after taking one sniff of Downy Unstopables, decides it is worth stealing. He grabs all the bottles he finds in the man’s laundry room and leaves, making the owner believe at first that it’s his dog, Biscuits. However, the celebrity whose identity is to be revealed soon realizes he was home invaded.

Previous ads showed the protagonist, who isn’t convinced that Unstopables can last over 12 weeks of freshness so he’s intended to sniff it until he believes it, being visited by his Nana and a pizza delivery guy. It turns out they both love the long-lasting smell of Downy Unstopables.

On the brand’s website, people can submit their opinion on who the mystery Super Bowl celebrity is. Those who guess the celebrity name will earn a year’s supply of Unstopables.3

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