Carnival Cruise Line Girls Cruise Commercial

Carnival Cruise Line Girls Golf Commercial

Carnival Cruise promotes its Girl Cruises in a new commercial, part of its “Choose Fun Together”.

The spot, told from the perspective of a woman who went on a Carnival Cruise with her daughter and one of her friends, shows the variety of activities one can do on during a cruise with Carnival, such as relaxing at the spa, lounging on the sundeck and sipping cocktails poolside, attending dancing parties and piano “concerts”, tyrolean, and playing golf.

The protagonist says they really found themselves, she got over her fear of bubbles, Rita took some time to reflect, they tried new things and new foods, and that she’s getting really good at golf.

As the spot ends, she concludes that next year they should all go, together.

Eventually, the tagline “Choose Fun Together” appears on the screen and another line informs you can find cruises from $299.

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