Busch Super Bowl Shelter Commercial Song – Feat. Sarah McLachlan & Wolf

Busch Super Bowl Shelter Commercial - Feat. Sarah McLachlan & Wolf

Busch has teamed up with Sarah McLachlan for its Super Bowl 2023 commercial.

The spot begins with the Busch guy teaching viewers a new Cold and Smooth Survival Skill from his Busch Guide, and that is that “three things are required in the great outdoors: food, drink and shelter.” At this point, Sarah McLachlan shows up from the Busch guy’s tent and, after introducing herself, tells viewers they are just dollars a day they can help helpless animals find shelter. In the meantime, her sad, emotional 1997 song “Angel” is playing in the background. However, as she finishes the sentence, the Busch Guy – who opens a can of Busch Light – tells her that’s the wrong tent and points out that the animal sitting next to her is a wolf.

Eventually, he urges viewers to head for the mountains, while an onscreen line reads “Head for the mountains of Busch Light.”

The brand has also launched a sweepstakes that gives participatns the chance to win “a mountain’s worth of Busch Light”. The promotion is taking place between January 19 and the end of the Super Bowl, and participants must reply to social posts from its Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts.

There are several other brands that have already released their Super Bowl ads or at least teasers for them. Hyundai, which teamed up with Kevin Bacon, Doritos, which teamed up with rapper Josh Harlow, Pringles, which partnered with Meghan Trainor, PopCorners, whose Big Game will feature The Breaking Bad stars Aaron Paul and Brian Cranston, are among the companies with slots paid during this year’s Super Bowl. FOX has been charging between $6 million and $7 million for 30 seconds of ad time in its broadcast of the Big Game.

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