Volkswagen ID.4 GTX Bring Back the Energy Commercial – Feat. Old Lady in Red Car Drifting


Volkswagen ID.4 GTX Bring Back the Energy Commercial - Feat. Granny in Red Car Drifting

Volkswagen promotes its ID.4 GTX in a new commercial, titled “Bring Back the Energy”.

The spot tells the story of an old lady whose life becomes sad after she sells her beloved Golf. She becomes nostalgic as everything reminds her of the good times she had with her Volkswagen. Missing her red Golf, she starts baking car-shaped cookies, keeps old photos of her and the Gold framed, throughout the house, and can;t help looking at them, even when she has her friends over, and she even gets a tattoo on her arm, featuring the red Golf and the word “Forever”.

However, as the commercial ends, it turns out there is one thing that brings back her energy – the all-electric GTX driving experience. When she takes a red ID4 GTX for a test drive, she feels young again and is eager to showcase her driving skills by drifting in the dealership parking lot.

“Bring back the energy. The all-new ID.4 & ID.5 GTX. High performance. Redefined.” onscreen lines read at the end of the spot.

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