Verizon Welcome Unlimited Albert Einstein Commercial – Feat. Cecily Strong & Paul Giamatti


Verizon Welcome Unlimited Albert Einstein Commercial - Feat. Actor Paul Giamatti

Verizon promotes its Welcome Unlimited for $25/line (which includes unlimited talk, text and data for $25 per line per month) guaranteed for 3 years, in a new commercial.

The spot features actor Paul Giamatti as Albert Einstein complaining that his network “has gone kaput” and admitting that the cause for this lies in the fact that he tried to save a buck on it, which wasn’t a smart decision. Cecily Strong tells him he’s still a genius and points out that there is a smarter way to save – by switching to Verizon. She also urges him to get Welcome Unlimited for just $25/line, guaranteed for three years. Einstein concludes that this is brilliant and rushes to switch to Verizon.

At the end of the commercial, the voiceover declares that now is the best time to switch to Verizon for just $25/line, guaranteed for 3 years, and adds the tagline “The savings that last on the network you want.”

The deal ($25/line/month) is valid with 4 lines and Auto Pay, when you bring 4 phones. Taxes and fees apply. The price guarantee excludes taxes and fees.

Giamatti has also portrayed Scrooge in Verizon’s Christmas commercial, alongside Cecily Strong.

“Paul and Cecily’s comedic personalities make them a natural duo. Customers really enjoyed our holiday campaign featuring Paul as Scrooge, so we brought him and Cecily back to share our new Welcome Unlimited offer with the same magic,” Kristin McHugh, Verizon’s senior vice president of marketing activation and creative, said in a press release.

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