Uber Eats Danny Trejo & Odell Beckham Jr. Commercial


Uber Eats Danny Trejo & Odell Beckham Jr. Commercial

Uber Eats has released a new ad to promote its latest deal, which gives new Uber One members 3 months $0 delivery fee if late happens.

The spot features Odell Beckham Jr. walking down the sidewalk with golden necklaces at his neck, one of which is particularly shiny. This leads to an unfortunate chain of events: Danny Trejo, who’s driving a convertible down the street, hits a pile of cardboard boxes that are to be delivered by a Uber driver.

The voiceover says that Uber Eats orders are on time 95% of the time, but occasionally something unpredictable happens. However, if something happens and your Eats ever get stuck, you will get 3 months with a $0 delivery fee.

“Get 3 months $0 delivery fee if late happens with an Uber One free trial” an onscreen line reads at the end of the commercial.

Other spots in the campaign feature an inflatable Minion breaking free and ending up right into the door of a restaurant where an Uber Eats associate picks up an order, and a driver abandoning his car in a traffic jam after honking at Aaron Donald while he was helping an old lady cross the street.

The “on time” claim is based on the Latest Arrival time shown after the order is placed. Orders are late if delivered after this Latest Arrival time. The offer ends on February 19, 2023. Current Uber One members are not eligible. Viewers are also informed that subscription will auto-renew at the current monthly fee starting 3 months from initial enrollment in the Uber One free trial and every month thereafter.

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