Toyota Christmas Let’s Spread Kindness Commercial Song – Feat. Young Woman Working Through the Holidays


Toyota Christmas Let's Spread Kindness Commercial Actress - Girl With Dog

Toyota has released a heartwarming commercial, titled “Like No One’s Watching”, which encourages people to choose kindness this festive season.

Created by Saatchi & Saatchi and directed by Oscar Nominated director Ted Melfi, the spot features a young woman named Clara, who lives alone in a city and chooses to work through the holidays at the grocery store where she’s employed. She is shown making various acts of kindness for others, such as delivering groceries to one of her neighbors, an old lady named Mrs. Parsons, leaving a stuffed toy as a gift in front of a young neighbor’s door, and helping to catch and return a neighbor’s dog that escaped.

Eventually, it turns out her selfless acts of kindness didn’t pass unnoticed, and – when she gets home from work, on Christmas Eve, in her Toyota – finds a group of neighbors waiting for her with a Christmas tree and gifts. “Let’s spread kindness this holiday” an onscreen line reads at the end of the commercial.

The soundtrack music is “Kindness” by Andrew Simple, a folk artist from Nashville.

The spot debuted during NBC’s primetime special, “Christmas in Rockefeller Centre,” with a personalized throw from a show host.

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